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Hypnotherapy Dormington Worcester GloucesterLesley Leach, Founder of Lesley Leach Hypnotherapy, is a Certified Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist. She completed her training at the renowned Clifton Practice in Bristol. She’s fully insured, a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and registered with the National Hypnotherapy Council and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

Although Lesley has not always worked as a therapist and has had a variety of roles throughout her career, her passion for helping, healing and empowering others has been a constant throughout her adult life.

She began her career with an honours degree from London South Bank University in Food Technology where she gained extensive knowledge about food and nutrition and how a person’s nutritional strategies can affect their health and happiness. This is also where she discovered she had the gift of effective and intuitive listening as more and more co-workers and friends kept coming to her for counsel and sound empathetic guidance. Effective and intuitive listening is a skill that’s essential to becoming a top rated Hypnotherapist yet is something that can be described but not taught in Hypnotherapy classes and institutions.

Lesley’s passion for helping, healing and empowering others led her away from food science and into a position where she could focus on developing her skills and gaining valuable experience in early childhood development. She then transitioned into a position with Home-Start Slough  where she provided support and coaching to families in crisis and to those who were struggling with financial stresses, isolation and even lack of effective parenting skills.

When the opportunity to join Breast Cancer Haven, a complementary therapy and support centre arose, Lesley saw a clear opportunity to further expand her understanding of the human condition and her ability to improve it and leapt at the chance.

It was at The Haven that Lesley was first introduced to the incredible power of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy as a tool for helping women through the physical and emotional effects of breast cancer treatment. While observing staff Hypnotherapists, Lesley witnessed how much Hypnotherapy can improve a person’s life. Whether it was anxiety and insomnia due to their diagnosis, extreme sickness through their chemotherapy, or needle phobia, the Hypnotherapist was able to help them, and they were profoundly changed.

Lesley also saw her own daughter treated by the Hypnotherapist for extreme exam anxiety. Within just 4 sessions, the improvement her daughter experienced was so significant, Lesley recognized the transformative powers of Hypnotherapy. It was in those moments at The Haven that Lesley realized that it was through Hypnotherapy and the unconscious mind that she could best share her passion and her gifts with others and bring the greatest amount of positive change in the least amount of time to anyone who wants to improve their life and increase their happiness.

Lesley provides Hypnotherapy services to reduce anxiety and stress, to help any anxiety induced conditions (IBS, migraine, insomnia, skin conditions), to help during pregnancy and childbirth, to eliminate fear and phobias, to lose weight or to quit smoking.

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